What movie or tv series do you watch over and over?



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    And for Mr. Grand to even know that we actually fought against the Japanese in WWII shows he's past a certain age.

    I thought they won. :tongue:
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    B5, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Star Trek TOS TNG DS9 and voyager, Farscape, True Blood, Star Wars (usually just 4-6, but have seen 1-3 many times), Underworld Trilogy, Resident Evil movies, Scrubs, Firefly/Serenity and Robotech are what I watch most frequently over and over.
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    Arrested Development
    Band of Brothers
    Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi remake)
    Dead Like Me
    James Bond movies
    The Usual Suspects

    I like a lot more shows and movies, but if any of these are on I will stop and watch them despite my best intentions to do other things.
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    Godfather 1, 2 and Donnie Brasco.

    no. I'm not in The Family nor am I an informant.
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    Star Trek , any season depending on my mood.
    Smallville I'm a huge Superman fan and think this is a very good modern story.
    Battlestar Galactica New series was very good and I can watch it over and over
    Hero's- wish it would have had more seasons
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    Orignal Perry Mason, Firefly, Three Stooges and Twight Zone
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    gimpod wrote: »
    I thought they won. :tongue:

    Well... yeah... eventually. But not right then.
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    Blade Runner & Deadwood
  • 55LS70
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    The Prisoner, TOS and the 2009 mini series.
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    Firefly and Fawlty Towers.

    My wife watches the Bourne movies over and over to the point I never want to see them again....
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    I bought the whole "Walton's" DVD collection---my grandkids love watching The Waltons.
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    M*A*S*H, Stargate SG-1, Forrest Gump, the Die Hard movies, the Lethal Weapon movies, Futurama
    ALL BOXED UP for a while until I save up for a new place :(

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  • Rupert305
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    TV- King of Queens, Tosh.O, and How I Met Your Mother

    Movies- Transformers 1&2, Star Trek (2009), Tron Legacy
  • zombie boy 2000
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    TV Series: It's Always Sunny in Philadephia (sorry Doro... but I've never watched a show that had me laughing out loud and from the gut as often) and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which does a close second for me)
    Movies: Edward Scissorhands and Spinal Tap
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    I go through stages where I repeat a movie to death before moving on. Usually, I do it for background noise while I'm doing something else (e.g. cleaning, laundry, elliptical, cycling on the trainer, etc.).

    The current set of repeats (this year):
    Star Trek (2009)
    Any Bourne flick
    Quantum of Solace
    Mission Impossible I (1996)
    RED (2010)
    Tron Legacy
    Book of Eli
    HP Deathly Hallows part 1

    I watch the following TV shows about once a year because I own the box set (I usually look for specific episodes) or I catch a rerun on TV: BoB, STNG, Rome, Firefly.
  • BlueFox
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    Terminator 3, All Star Wars (waiting for the BR in September so it has been a few months since last watched), Sex in the City, Sopranos, Serenity, Avatar (current heavy rotation favorite).
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    Well... yeah... eventually. But not right then.

    40's - now. There hasn't been a decade where I saw that as a country full of winners.
  • starkiller
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    B5 and Crusade, all on DVD, including the movies, and all watched numerous times:biggrin:
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    I have watched Rushmore every couple of months for years. It never gets old.
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    The Sopranos
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  • EndersShadow
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    The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.......

    You just cant beat Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker......
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  • Timothy Smith
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    1)Theremin: An electronic Oddessey

    2) Mullholland Drive

    3) Team America/World Police

    4) Blade Runner
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  • kevhed72
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    Movie: Caddyshack

    TV Shows: Scrappers (on Spike), That show where people buy abandoned storage lockers (both of these very good "reality" shows)
  • muncybob
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    TV: Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond and I just watched the comeplete series of Breaking Bad again, waiting for the new season.

    Don't watch movies more than once normally but I will watch Fargo....just something about those accents :)
    Yep, my name really is Bob.
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  • EndersShadow
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    kevhed72 wrote: »
    TV Shows: That show where people buy abandoned storage lockers (both of these very good "reality" shows)

    Storage Wars and Auction Hunters I belive.....
    "....not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." William Bruce Cameron, Informal Sociology: A Casual Introduction to Sociological Thinking (1963)
  • Roy Munson
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    I really like The X-Files, it's probably my favorite TV show.
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  • Erik Tracy
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    Interesting reads here.

    But are the shows you guys are listing just your favorites?

    I was more interested in tossing out the question of....you are channel surfing and on pops show "X" or movie "Y" and you ALWAYS stop to watch - no matter how many times it comes on.

    Or - you've surfed the channels and nothing is on - so you pop in your favorite movie or tv show that you just can't get enough of.

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  • gdb
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    One show that I find offensive and won't watch, is the two ill-bred, weasel-like scroungers of American Pickers. Even though I love the items found and their settings too, I can't stand those guys and the way they talk about their prey, and, how they screwed them.:mad: The A'holes don't even drive an American truck!
  • S T R Y K K E R
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    P A W N-S T A R S.....Shark Tank,American Picker's,American Restoration,Everybody Loves Raymond,King of Queens,Antiques Roadshow!!!!!!
    & Friends :( my wife just discovered this show.....she wants to watch it almost daily...... :(
    Watch these series almost everyday!!!!
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