SurroundBAR 360 won't turn on.

bmctexbmctex Posts: 2
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I've had my 360 for about 8 months and love it. However, after a short power failure in our community, the system will no longer turn on.

I have tried unplugging it for an hour or so. I have checked the fuse and it looks OK. I have tried the power switch at the back. I have tried turning it on from both the remote and the unit itself.

The only thing that appears on the front panel is a little red light. No sound.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Bruce
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  • tvmarstvmars Posts: 1
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    I'm have exact same issue and only 3 months old
  • velobranvelobran Posts: 1
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    Mine blew out too. One day it just stopped working (5 months old maybe). Didn't appear to turn on, but if I turned the volume up loud enough, it would pop. Got a replacement. 4 months later, the speaker cuts out with any loud sound.
  • I have a polkaudio system that won’t turn on. There is a dim red light that illuminates but can’t turn it on. I checked all connections and troubleshoot as much as recommended from internet. Called customer service and got transferred a few times and eventually was disconnected. Tried calling their help line again only to hear “ unusual wait times at this time”. I tried the call back option and was disconnected as soon as they called back. I don’t believe there is any help for my problem and truly disappointed with the product and company for lack of support.
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,846
    I'll ask someone from Polk to contact you via email.
    "They thought we were too loud, but shoot, I had four army blankets folded over my amp, and the volume level was on 2. I'm used to playin' on 10!" S.R.V.
  • Mike from Polk audio called. After dialogue, the receiver is blown and no parts available. Sad day for me! Shame on Polk Audio.
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