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    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Ahhh here we go... the thread crappers have come out in force tonight. If only @KenCustomerService worked on the weekends to see the passive-aggressive pissing and moaning that happens when he isn't working.

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  • Re: Karma!!! 1.2/1.2TL End Caps

    ZLTFUL sure has something to apologize for though.
    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Why do we have to continue to put up with this worthless piece of trash?

    This right here would get a poster banned for life from 99.9% of the moderated forums in existence.

    No one in this thread crossed the line to the point they deserved to be suspended or banned for life until this post.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    Perhaps the real question here is have you sat down and tried a few high end amps and if so, which ones? I ask for specifics because you're always so vague. You also talk in circles to avoid answering specific questions, so I'm hoping for something different this time.

    I think the real question some of you guys who are so opinionated on this subject might want to consider is that while your "stereotype" of AVRs (no pun intended) is based on older equipment as Tony mentioned, you probably haven't really had the opportunity to evaluate the more modern modern AVRs. AVRs produced after 2010 are different animals than the type we grew up with.

    Also, comparing high end amps to lower end (and significantly less expensive AVRs) will always help to reinforce your stereotype but that's about all it accomplishes. On the other hand one could take a modern high-end AVR and blow away a lower end far less-expensive separate amplifier, but that wouldn't really be too surprising either to most people.

    Separates won't always outperform an AVR but an advantage that a separate has is that they can offer more flexibility down the road. Also separates tend to be geared more towards the higher-end while AVRs come in all flavors.
  • Re: Root cause for hum

    When it comes right down to it, I've usually found that the root cause for hum is when the person doesn't know the words.

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