Karma giveaway from Polk Audio



  • ptrooperptrooper Posts: 188
    I deserve them because i have never won anything....I am also to far away and if i do win i will give to Larry ....like he says....he deserves them too :)
  • MrBuhlMrBuhl Posts: 1,776
    This is a great karma - my first Polk love was Monitor 7's, someone is going to be a happy camper!
  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 2,925
    edited June 12
    Ok I changed my mind, I am in. "deserves got nothing to do with it" am I dq'd cause I am a moron that can't post a pic?

    Actually I think it's my carp connection, I don't get much on the upload. Lemme try LTE.
  • chumliechumlie Posts: 8,088
    In Please. I have a set of RTi A7 for the home theatre in living room and 703's for my stereo in dining room. Would use these for the bedroom. I need them. :)
  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 2,925
    edited June 12

    HA, that's not even half of it!
  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 3,597
    Wow! Fantastic! No more deserving than anyone else. Never heard or owned. lwovd49jvbnu.jpg
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,899
    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Not in but awesome gesture on Polk's part.

    I concur, on both counts.

    9420465531_6f3b7ba93f_b.jpgDSC_5417 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

  • EndersShadowEndersShadow Posts: 14,206

    No one else seemed to notice but I see a couple of nice stuffed animals on top one of those SDAs. Nice touch bro (and no sacrasim is meant or implied).
  • subkronsubkron Posts: 11
    Please count me in, pcs later since I am at work.
    Last year got a pair of 11ts off of CL, free. Replaced tweeters, xover, glued magnet... and love the sound in my 2 channel setup. I'm hooked, now always check CL for more since I'm looking to pass on similar sound experience to my sons. Definitely could use these to spread the word.
  • Braddles63Braddles63 Posts: 53
    edited June 13
    Not sure if you would be willing to send those lovely 7's all the way to Sunny Western Australia but they would be much loved. Been a Polk Audio owner since i bought my first pair of Monitor 10's from Vince Ross Audio World in the late 80's.cggz942k03m2.jpg

  • Braddles63Braddles63 Posts: 53
    edited June 13
    Wont let me post pics :-(
  • Thank you all for the praise and participation. Keep posting and telling people to post. We'll leave this up until the end of the week and then pick a winner!
  • oldrockeroldrocker Posts: 1,552
    Not in but an awesome gesture on Polk's part.

    Super cool pics everyone.
  • mrbigbluelightmrbigbluelight Posts: 7,033
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kool kharma ! NOT in, as I have zero room to put them down here, and the grandkids are upstairs so ..... 'nuff said there. ;)

    Just curious, do the white gloves come with this kharma ?

    Seriously, very nice kharma.
    P.S. Fear the Minions :)

  • TCKTCK Posts: 221
    Great offer on a very nice set of vintage speaks. Currently I have 4 Polk Audio rigs set up in the house. I guess you could say I dig the Polk sound.


    Bedroom 7B's. Pulled out from the wall a bit as I'm doing work on the room. It's what I listen to when the fam doesn't want to listen to Caravanserai or what not.


    Kids room #1, RT35i's usually gets used with iPod & the occasional CD.


    Kids room #2, 5jr+ usually played with CDs occasionally iPod. Someone needs to clean their room.


    SDA 2B's. Gets played as often as I can play them. Usually CDs or Home Theater (with a CS400, FXiA4's & M5's) I doubt I will ever part with these.

    On a side note, maybe Polk could include a set of RD-0194's tweeters to improve the sound & to make them sexier with an all black front?
  • Dennis GardnerDennis Gardner Posts: 4,591
    Great offering! I'm not in, as I have all that I could ever need. Good luck to those in the pot!
  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,014

    I don't think I deserve the montior 7s but would love to hear them! In
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 1,799
    edited June 13
    Not in as I have a pair. Great speaker as well as karma on Polk's part. Btw those gloves scare me, remind me of my urologist.
  • hochpt21hochpt21 Posts: 4,667

    I'm no more deserving than anyone else here, but I would love to own a pair.

    Here is my man room in current configuration.

  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 3,416
    Not in, as they only place they could go is the garage, and that's just not right.

    But awesome karma Polk!
  • ThortonThorton Posts: 916
    Awesome Karma Polk Team. Many Polks featured in my 7.2 channel system see sig. I don't deserve them but would love to have them. I've been looking to start-up a vintage second smaller system for sometime so this would really kick start my journey with the Monitor 7's. Good luck everyone.
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 1,593
    I'm in. I love the classic 7's look. This is an older pic of an all polk ht.vyroxsb6vrnc.jpg
  • HermitismHermitism Posts: 1,204
    This is super cool! I currently have a Polk RTi dual system for music/HT and would love to start building a dedicated music system. Everyone here has nothing but great things to say about vintage Polk speakers and I've never had an opportunity to hear a pair. Does that make me deserving? Maybe not, but what does... a couple years ago I was willing to karma the very last can of black paint, but had no takers.


    You may or may not know about the scarcity of black paint, but the fact that I was willing to give it away, in my opinion, makes me deserving of entering this karma. Now in the spirit of full discloser, I do admit that there was some confusion as to whether it was true black paint, or a slight variant of black, perhaps an extremely dark shade of grey. But it was the thought that counts! I did win a Batman kite once in my box of cereal when I was a little kid, but I needed to pay the shipping cost to have it sent to me and my mom wouldn't give me the money. Let these speakers be my Batman kite! I'm feeling lucky!


    Please excuse the camera flash reflection in the TV, I was watching fair and balanced coverage of the news during the photo shoot.
  • LegenderLegender Posts: 264
    In for sure as I've been looking for some 7s for a while and have not come across any worth buying.
    This is an awesome karma.

    My simple 2 channel set up

  • EndersShadowEndersShadow Posts: 14,206
    In Please, these would likely end up on my desk at work.... because there IS NO SUCH THING as overkill.

    I'm hoping to get an office at work shortly, in which case I'd then put these on 22" stands in my office for my vintage setup being driven by a vintage Sherwood S-7125b


    Here is my current HT setup. A 5 channel LSi setup.


  • Gerres26Gerres26 Posts: 137
    Count me in please. I've missed my monitor 7's since the day i sold them. I started with a pair of 5's, then came the 7's that i totally redid, then SDA 2B, to SDA 1C and now my end game 1.2tl's.

    I've been on the lookout for a pair of monitor 7's to set up a simple 2 channel family room rig so these would be pefect.

    Here's the first pic after hooking up the 1.2tl's.
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