Subwoofer suggestions

I've been talking with nbrowser about upgrading my Dodge Journey's sound system. I have it in the shop for them to fix all the screwups but here's what I have already that needs to be re-integrated:

Focal Auditor 5.25 component speakers front doors
AudioControl LC7i Line Out Converter
JL Audio 4 channel amp
SoundOrdnance powered 8" underseat sub

It was suggested to me that I may want to forgo the powered sub and go right to a box sub and power it from the spare 2 channels bridged from my JL amp. I don't even know where to start so can someone help me with some suggestions? I'm not limiting myself to any specific brands, but I want the bass to be tight and punchy--not muddy and boomy. I like to listen to a lot of jazz, singer/songwriter and progressive metal. Any help would be appreciated. Would prefer a single driver system because I don't want to take up much space in the back. Also, should I go ported or sealed?


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