NOt sounding right.

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i have two sr124dvc on two jl 500/1. on some songs the sub vibrates brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for a long time
on other songs it does boom boom like i guess it's suppose to. they are on two sealed enclosures the size polk recomends on their site. Another thing is, i don't feel it hard as 400$ subs shoould. i seen ppl with way cheaper stuff and it's very loud. should i replace my amps..

one last questions how should the subs be facing for optimal sound. UP, towards the front of the car, towards the back, towards each other, or towards the side of the car.

also i have sr6500 in the front, what should be the cutoff for the speakers and the subs.. thx
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    Towards the back because you need the sound to bounce around before it gets to you. I would go to a shop and have them hook different amps up and see which one sounds the best for your car. I did the same thing, and it is easy for them plus they might get a sale. If you have any more questions let me know.later
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    SRs are designed, to my understanding, for SQ not SPL. But with the sensitivity and power ratings you should be able to get plenty of output. Some cheaper subs may get louder but I doubt will ever sound as good.
    Not all songs are going to play loud, they just aren't recorded that way and you should be able to tell that if you have everything set up right. the JL amps you have should already do a fine job. What kind of car are is your set up in? What kind of music isn't sounding right?
    You may just need to adjust a few things to get the sound you want.
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    So you have a 500/1 on each sub? Thats underpowering them a tad but its still enough grunt that you should be getting plenty of output. Im running 800 to my single SR12 and its WAY more output than I need. Ive got the sub channel -9 db right now to keep it from blowing away the front stage.

    If you have your subs firing into the cabin youre going to get a lot of cancellation from the back wave reflecting into the cabin out of phase. Either fire them to the rear of the car or build an airtight baffle for the subs so that theyre sealed off from the back wave.

    As for the buzz, I would think something is loose. Maybe the box or where its mounted to.
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    the car is an E320.. I mainly listen to reggaeton, bachata, merengue, and hip hop.. the bad sound is mostly in some hip hop. It sounds like a long vibration. and to be honest. the stock harman kardon sounded better when it wasn't farting.. not that it did that often.

    Also my options for new amps are kicker and eclipse because that's what i can get at less than half off. Probably 1000 watts each btw, if i do that do i need a cap?? my inside lights flicker but not my headlight -xenon.
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    no u wont need a cap, 1000 watts to each would be great.... what kinda box are they in?
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    sealed 3/4 mdf

    Box Properties
    Type Single Sealed
    Shape square
    Enclosure details 1.20 cu. ft. (33.98 liters)

    Overall External Dimensions
    Width 16" (40.64cm)
    Height 18" (45.72cm)
    Depth 11-1/2" (29.21cm)

    how can i fit those kickers?? the 2 jls and the sony 2channel is attatched to the back seat but i don't think the kickers can fit there
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    I'm assuming this would be overkill 1200w @ 2 ohms.