How to replace tweeter in M3 II

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I got a replacement tweeter for my M3 II surround speaker. However, I must be brain dead because I can't for the life of me figure out how to open the M3 up. Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions to open up the M3 to replace a tweeter?

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    Call or e-mail Ken directly...
    More later,
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    The M3 looks a lot like my M2s. My guess is that there are some holes on the back panels.. and at the bottom of those holes are some small phillips-head screws. You'll need a screwdriver with a long shaft and a relatively small head.

    Slide it down into one of the holes and gently twist back and forth and just sort of "feel"... I bet you'll feel the screwdriver bite the screw. At that point, turn the screwdriver.. lefty loosey.
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    There is an instruction sheet on servicing the M3 speakers, if you'll give me your address or fax number at [email protected] I can send or mail it to you.
    Regards, Ken
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