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while surfing through the polk website a while back, I came across two items regarding subwoofers that I was unaware of. The first involved the phasing of the sub. In my application,the sub is located behind my listening position diagonnaly from my mains and tv. I have pored over the sub manual and have not come across any note regarding the phase. Is this simply a "by ear" adjustment? or is there some determinate rule to this? i have read here on the post that subs should be set to "0" if along the same wall as main speakers. Any thoughts regarding this?
Also, would using a stand for a sub (PW650) net me anything? I asked Polk directly, and they stated that they did not carry it.
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    On your sub, it's either 0 or 180. Some subs have infinitely variable phase.

    Rule of thumb - same wall as mains - 0 degrees; opposite wall of mains - 180 degrees.

    Try both ways - one should give you noticeably better bass response/strength than the other. If you can't tell by ear, use a SPL meter - it might be able to show a difference you can't hear.

    I don't see much of a need for a stand - it's designed to be a floor sitting unit.

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    Rule of thumb - same wall as mains - 0 degrees; opposite wall of mains - 180 degrees.
    Dr. Spec bringing the knowledge.
    Also try to put the puppy in a corner - get a good spl boost.
    Corner loading - square up in a corner about 4 to 6 inches on each side.