Should I get a bigger sub?

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I bought the RTi70's and now I think my sub might be too small. Currently I own the Velodyne CHT8 and my one year CC upgrade is about to expire so this is the problem. With everything calibraited (thanks Dr Spec) using my rat shack spl I've notice that I get little if any bass response when listening to music and I must crank it way past proper calibration (75 Ohms) to get anything from HT. I placed it in several different places (side wall middle, front between two mains, and behind left front firing into a corner). I'm not even a bass person, but I can turn it off and on and notice little if any difference. The 70's just seem to dominate the bass. So my question, is this normal (to not notice the difference with sub on or off) or do I need a larger sub?
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    I've got a PSW650 with my Rti70's. Love it man. You might be able to find a 650 for cheap since they are going by the wayside soon. Give it a try. :)
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    So my question, is this normal (to not notice the difference with sub on or off) or do I need a larger sub?
    First off - no not normal - should be like night and day. Check to see if that woofer is moving MAN! If it is and you crave the bass - then ya - it is time to kick it upa noch.
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    Make sure your speakers are set to small, and the sub is set to yes/on. Also, set phase to 0 degrees on the sub, if it is on the same wall as the mains.

    That's a small sub for any room, really. I think upgrade-itis is needed at your place. At Scott's place, he can rearrange his hairstyle at will with his subbage.

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