RTA11TL Specs

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Does anyone know the specs for the Polk RTA 11TL?
The polk site lists specs for the RTA11T but not the "TL" version.
Searching the 'net I found one reference which claims-
Polk RTA11TL: 8 ohm, 29Hz to 25kHz +- 3dB; 90dB @1 watt.

This is very different from the specs listed for the "T" version
Polk RTA11T: 6 Ohm, 18Hz to 26kHz, 94 dB efficiency)
(http://www.polksda.com/rta11t.shtml )

It's hard to beleive the two models would have such different specs.

I have a pair of TL's which I really like, but I didn't get the owner's manual so I have no idea what the actual specs are. They do sound good though:)
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