Denon DVD-2800IImk

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Does anyone have any experience with the 2nd generation of Denon's originally troubled DVD-2800? I'm looking for a Great DVD player to match with my Sony KV-40XBR800, Denon AVR-1700, RT55's, CS400, f/x500's, and Definitive 100T. I'm looking to go less than $850, $500-$600 if possible so I can afford HDTV tuner and antenna. Thanks
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  • mantismantis Posts: 15,404
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    the denon 2800 is a fantastic dvd player.....only!!
    It's got a real nice video/film quality picture.Built quality is rock solid.If you can get a good deal on this peice.scoop it up.
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    I have had mine (Denon DVD-2800) for about a year now. Not much to complain about. Awesome picture and sound. It is a top contender for FP systems if that tells you anything. (Much easier to see flaws at that size) Have the newest firmware and it is built like a tank. How many single disc players weight over 15 pounds? Most are under 5 pounds. Excellent product deed! Everything u can expect from a hi-end unit. :cool:
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