What do you use to power your LSi9's?

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I'm looking at the Sherwood AM9080 or the Parasound 855a. Which do you think would be better to power the LSi9's with? Or you can just tell me what you use and how you like it. :D
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  • MxStYlEpOlKmAnMxStYlEpOlKmAn Posts: 2,116
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    sherwood sucks...dont know about parasound...yamaha is good
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    Are you doing a surround setup? The Parasound is probably the better amp, but if your doing 2/ch audio you may want to consider something different. The Para is 85 X 5 and the LSi9's are rated to handle 200per side @ 4ohm. What are you useing for a pre-amp and other speakers for this setup?
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    to power the Lsi9's would require a seperate system.A high end receiver will do as well.

    If this setup is for 2 channel which is what It looks like,Id look into Rotel.They make some killer 2 channel **** for little money.They also have some of the best power reserves in the bussiness at there price point and alittle behond.

    Go to your nearest Rotel dealer and listen, bring your lsi9's with you for a better demo.

    Consider better wire as well.I don't know what you own but wire will complete the system.
    Demo your face off.The speakers you got are worth the extra effort to get the system sweat.
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    Yes....you must spend $30-$40 dollars a foot for wire to make it sound good...:rolleyes:
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    System sweat- mine has never sweated, am I missing out?
    would bi-wiring make it sweat, **** somebody help me out here, what have I been missing.
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    Hell hoosier.....put it in your sauna....:D That will make it sweat.:lol:
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  • AllenLongcorAllenLongcor Posts: 34
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    I don't have the money for everything right now so currently the 9's will be run off of an Onkyo 595. I emailed Polk and they said it should not be a problem, but obviously I will need something better to make them sing. I HAVE to upgrade one step at a time.

    So my pre will probably be the new Rotel or the the Outlaw 950 unless something else in the price range comes out before this winter.

    The price I'd like to pay right now is about $500 or less, but that may change when the time to pull the trigger comes. I have been looking at the Marantz MM9000, Parasound 855a, Parasound 1205a, Sherwood AM9080, and the Adcom GFA7400. These extend up to the $1000 range which would probably be my ceiling (poor college student).

    I have the 9's and the LSiCenter up front to start, with my current rears staying where they are (Energy eXL15's). I will then probably get some 7's for the rears. I'm looking for an amp to power this eventual setup. When I possibly get the 15's or 25's as mains I can add a 3 channel amp and may move to a 7 speaker setup by that time. For now my room is small (~8'x10') and I don't need overkill.
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    I think you need to get out of that chair,get off the post and go listen to some wire.
    Price is one thing..better then what you own wire is another.

    I get the feeling you haven't listened to wire before or enough.
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  • Steve@3dai[email protected] Posts: 983
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    I run my Lsi9/LsiC and soon LsiFX off a Arcam AVR-200. Sounds beautiful and the amp has enough juice to drive all of them without breaking a sweat.
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