Sony Wega 27 inch Tv ?

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when watching a movie on Digital cable or DVD when the picture goed darker the right side of the picture sorta moves in then there is a green spot in the right corner..but when the picture gets brighter it is fine.
Does anyone know what this might be thanks
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    A trip to the repair shop.
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    2nd that!!
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    kinda sounds like a little de-magnatization...
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    Sounds like upgrade time?
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    Sounds like upgrade time?
    27" - yeah I second that. Time to move on up!:cool:
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    Thanks however all I needed to do was adjust the Horz a little
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    still time to upgrade
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    Which 27" Sony Wega model do you have. I am in the market for a 27" flat screen and haven narrowed it down to sony, panasonic, and toshiba. Sony is the only one with the 16:9 squeeze, but there are a ton of reviews that comment on green spots and pink lines. Panasonic appears to have a real nice picture, but some people have said there is a lot of interference on the audio out. Haven't heard much about the toshiba, they have the new model 27AF42 out, but I am not sure what changed since the 27AF41. Any recomendations based on what you found would be great?
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    I've got a Sony KV-27FS17 in the bedroom, and it is an excellent set. The picture is fantastic, and the 16:9 enhanced mode is great for anamorphic widescreen DVD's. This is a 2001 model, but there are still plenty to be had on the net and in retail stores. The going rate (retail) is about 650 bones these days, and you can also get the KV-27FS13--which is the same set, minus the 2-tuner PIP--for 100 bucks less. You're going to pay more for a Sony than you will for a Panasonic or a Toshiba, but in my experience, the picture quality, reliability, features, and user-friendliness justify the extra cash.

    Oh, and one more note. I always recommend purchasing the in-home extended warranty for TV's. At Best Buy, for example, this will run you about 70 bones, but you will have 5 years of peace of mind. I had a 27" Philips blow a tube after only 10 months once, and in addition to having to carry the darn thing to the service center, I had to pay a $140 labor charge even though the parts were still under warranty. With the in-home extended warranties, the techs will come to your house, and everything is covered--including the labor (provided you bought your warranty from a reputable dealer!:)). Just my two cents! Happy hunting!
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