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I've been looking at getting a pair of these, I like their appearance and sound better than the new LSI's and I figure I ought to be able to save some money by going with these over the newer LSI equivalents. My question is does anyone know where I can still find these for sale, and where I can find a good deal on them? I'd like to spend around 800 for the pair or less if at all possible, but I don't really know if that's practical right now.
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    good luck finding p series,youd be better off looking for I series.Try E-bay
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    I was under the impression they were the same thing, but I looked on their site and they do indeed have the i's and the p's. Are the P's better, because they look the same and are the same size and all, so I'm going to assume they're the same. Anyway, are there any known speaker dealers that I might find a good deal from on these speakers? I'm also interested in finding good deals on the rt55i, and the cs400i, to complete my system. I'm looking to replace a pair of polk floorstanding speakers that are about 15 years old and a polk center channel speaker that doesn't fit real well with what i'm looking to get.
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    What old Polks are you looking to replace?

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    What old Polks are you looking to replace?

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    p is befir the i they changed the rateing from rms to peak and came out with the new driver the 6 1/2 that is blue for the i
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    the 25's i mentioned for the surrounds, the center channel is an old (about six years old I think) cs200 that does it's job but leaves more to be desired out of it, it's fairly weak, and the fronts are some old monitor series speakers, I didn't buy them so I am not sure what they exactly are, my Dad bought them about fifteen years ago or so though. They're really good speakers though, they have two subs, one active one passive, in each speaker, and then two mids and a tweeter also in each. Anyway, I'm really looking to find a good deal on the 55i's or 2000i or p's, as well as a center channel speaker like the cs400i, because the center channel and fronts don't belong to me, they are all my dad's, and I am moving and won't still have them with me.
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