Will another pair of f/x300i for back surround be to much?

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I'm glad that I been lucky the sony STR-DE915 receiver(DD-5.1) is still working. I plan to move the sony in the bedroom and buy the Denon 3802(7X110) next week, so I started to buy new speakers. I have had the f/x300i for DD5.1-rear surround(mounted on the side walls in dipole mode) for the last six months with a old Infinity center(video-1) and some 10-yr. old 3-way full Pioneer towers(that will also go to the bedroom),
also a sony 120 watt sub. This week I ordered the rt800i's (from wholesaleconnection-HOLDING MY BREATH THEY SHOW UP) and the CS245i (from Cruthfield).

My question is, Do you guys think another pair of f/x300i's would work good as a rear/back surround with the denon 6.1 & 7.1 modes. The Denon manual says that using two bipole back surround speakers is a good idea if already using dipole/bipole side surround speakers. I have a good 4-ft to the back wall behind the couch and a good wall for mounting. My house consists of one big open living, dining and kitchen area.

Crutchfield has the Polk deal going, that if you spend $499 in polk speakers you get a free pair of atrium 45's or the R20's. I been thinking the atrium 45's will work better in the bedroom as surround speakers and will give more options with the tilt wall brackets. Crutchfield said I have 30 days to add to my CS245i order($149) the f/x300i($349) or the rt35i($349) and will get the free atr45's or rt20's.
Thanks for any help
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    Seems like most people have gone the direct method for the back
    surrounds (35i's) . Also recommended from THX.
    Though I do remember reading a study that people preferred another pair of dipoles for the back.:confused:
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    THX ULTRA specs are dipolar for all surround speakers
    THX ULTRA2 specs are dipolare rears and mono surround backs.
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    i went with the 500 for all my suround needs had to get 4 it is all good but the last 2 were hard to get
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    I have the same problem, don't know what to buy for my back speakers 7.1 setup. I have RT800, cs450, fx500, psw650. Another fx500 is almost impossible to find, local store is offering me the new FXi50, or should I just get bookshelvs.
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    I use Rt25i's for the rear speakers and and think that my setup sounds fantastic. From what I was able to find on the subject, bipole/dipole speakers work best for surround speaker aplications, and direct firing speakers should be used for the rear channel(s). But I guess it really comes down to what sounds best to each individual.
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    i use rt25i's for my 6th and 7th channels. i think they work very well in this application. the 25i's were able to be ceiling mounted, so that's why i chose them over the rt35i's, but i think either of these would be ideal in your 7.1 channel set-up. i would recommend the direct radiating over another pair of bi/dipole's, but it's your choice and your ears, do what sounds good to you!
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    Ok Ok I got convinced, I'm picking RT25i on Friday. I will use my fx500 on the sides and RTs on the back channels. but what my fx500 should be set to dipole or bipole?
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