Harman Kardon versus Denon

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Here's the deal: I recently picked up a Harman Kardon AVR8000 and a friend was feeling a little inadequate with his old Sony.

Now he's considering one of the Denon's (either a 4802, 5800, or a new 5803) - or even the Harman Kardon AVR8000.

So, what are the thought/opinions about either the Harmon Kardon's and/or Denon's in general (or these specific models)?

Just looking for information to pass along to help him make his choice.

Thanks, John
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    I recently purchased an HK AVR-320 and i am totally happy with it. Most people in these forums rave about Denon but I think HK makes a great receiver and in my opinion alot more stylish than any Denon.
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    HK used to have some tres cool amps and preamps....I dunno, I haven't been terribly impressed by HK build quality though. I have a Denon receiver, I like it alot and would certainly recommend that anyone check them out.

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    Denon 4802 would be the better choice over the HK 8000
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    Thanks for the input so far.

    I would have to agree that the HK's are more stylish than the Denon's... but they may not be as flexible or as powerful. To be totally honest, if the 5803 had been available when I was looking, I probably would have went with it over the 8000.

    Just curious: what were the reasons for rating the Denon 4802 over the HK 8000?

    Anyone else care to weigh in on the subject?
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    the very best way to buy a receiver is to listen to it.Its better to listen to it with YOUR speakers.
    OK that said.....they both but together a nice receiver,Denon is more of an Elite series receiver with better amps and built quality.Denon is like without insulting you Harman Hardon fans..............The next level up.The Denon avr5803 is one of the very best receivers EVER to hit the market.The power is unmatched by HK.
    I will tell you this if it means anything.Harman Kardon doesn't get mentioned when the best of the best list is put together for overall best receivers on the market.
    Denon is allways in top 3.ALWAYS.That say alot for there products.Go listen for yourself,listen and you will see.
    But remember that Harman Kardon doesn't make a bad receiver at all, they are nice, you can think of them as low end Proceed and Mark Levinston family group.
    It really comes down to you and your needs, whatever one you pick, you won't go wrong............but the Denon is a better receiver.
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    You won't find many reviewer's kick in on Denon..it really don't happen.
    Listening is the best way to go.They say it's a truely great receiver,you can't go wrong with this one, I wish I copuld keep it.....bla bla bla.........all good but you need to listen and then you will see!!!!!!!!
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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