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I need some help.
My room is 15x20x10. I am planning to up grade to 6.1. Therefore, I need some recommends on what kind of rear speaker to use. I would like to stick a single center channel speaker.
“I have no wife and the girlfriend has no say in the house” so all suggestions will be considered. These are the speakers I have now.


RT2000i fronts
CS350-LS center
LS/FX rears
PSW150 low frequency effects
PSW50 rear bass {I have the LS/FX and the PSW50 running as satellites and bass}

All speakers are set as large.

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    I posted a smiliar thread, I was advised to go at least a cs245i model or better
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    What receiver do you own??is it limited to a single rear speaker??
    That size room could use 2 rear speakers for better coverage.There are 2 really good ways on doing this.
    1)2 dipolar speakers at 1/3 and 2/3rd's of you back wall.Same exact height of your surround channel to the tweeter.
    2)2 mono speakers closer together,same height as well.
    Both work fine with proper placement,The di polar work slightly better unless your using a THX ULTRA2 processor.Then 2 mono poles are ideal.
    There's not alot out there for 6.1 but it sound great with is out there.
    I run 2 monopoles(rt35i's)but now i wish I bought another pair of fx/500's.
    But if you must use a single,I would use the cs400i if you can find one.Or even better a cs350.
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