No response from customer service

I was sent the wrong item in an order I made in early February. I submitted an inquiry (Incident: 210212-000191) on the Support page a month ago, on February 11. I still have not received a response. Any suggestions?


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    Let me send this information to Polk.
  • Have you heard anything from Polk about this? I purchased a product from them at the beginning of March and they sent the wrong one. I have called them literally over a dozen times, spent over 7 hours total on hold, sent numerous emails, left voicemails, spoken (rarely) with agents who said they would call or email me about how to return the products, and so far I have gotten nowhere. Nobody will answer calls or texts anymore. Is this even a real company?
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    Let me send this information to Polk.

    Is KS deleted???
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    I see nothing has changed in the ol'polk CS....