SDA 2b vs SRS 2(p/b)

Hello I currently have a pair of 2bs that have been upgraded.(dynamat, new crossover, tl mod, rdo 198 ect, ect) I really love them.

I have found a pair of srs 2 pin blade version for a excellent price. But it would be about a 8 hr round trip and I know I would want to sink money into them for the upgrades.

My question is, after the upgrades would the srs 2 be that big of a difference?


  • la2vegas
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    Are the SRS 2's less than a hundred bucks?
  • pitdogg2
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    Many would say the SDA 2b'tl is a better speaker. From what I understand the p/b sda srs 2 is not tl'able(if that's a word) :) ..

    I think the srs2 has a wider sound stage and I've liked the pair I heard..
  • F1nut
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    The SDA SRS 2 high frequency circuit is similar to the 1C, a complicated mess and not "tl'able".
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  • la2vegas wrote: »
    Are the SRS 2's less than a hundred bucks?

    100 bucks even. Same as what I paid for the 2bs actually.

    Thanks Im leaning towards not then. Unless its a significant improvement I think ill pass. I'm perfectly happy with my 2bs. Now if a good deal on a 1.2tl or something came around that might be different.

    Also this slightly worries me from the ad.

    "Vintage Polk audio SDA speakers one tweeter from each speaker do not work I do not have the Inter Connect cable."

    Granted I would be changing the tweeters out anyways. But still....