Heart attack, not good



  • scubalab
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    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. You got this!
  • WagnerRC
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    Prayers and a fast recovery.
  • maxward
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    Get better soon. Then stick with your rehab program and enjoy life.
    PSOVLSK Posts: 4,475
    Will be praying for you. Please keep us updated to the extent to which you are able.
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  • gurot1
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    Wishing you a speedy recovery
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  • CH46E
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    T, get better man. Thoughts and prayers for you from FL. o:)
  • Praying for you brother!
    Heart specialists Do some amazing things hang in there!
  • starkiller
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    Wow, glad you and them caught this in time!! As mentioned, follow the doctor's orders..we all are pulling and praying for ya!
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  • smglbrth
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    God's speed to a quick recovery!
  • pearsall001
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    Prayers coming 🙏 your way for a speedy recovery. Having survived the widow maker myself 4 years ago I know the trama you're going thru. Take it one day at a time & do what the Dr's tell you. You'll be back on your feet before you know it!
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  • dkfreebird
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    Thoughts and Prayers sent.
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  • indyhawg
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  • sandworms
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    Holy moly, sounds painful, we're thinking about you and wish you the best
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  • BlueFox
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    Take care, get lots of rest, and GOOD LUCK.
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  • afterburnt
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    vmaxer wrote: »
    Well, I am home and alive, but a long ways from being back to normal. I may never be, who knows.

    I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. The doctors said I should have been dead.

    I may share more later, very tired at the moment.

    Good to hear you are back home and you ain't dead a big plus! Take it easy and don't trip. Keep checking in, ok?
  • msg
    msg Posts: 6,449
    C'mon, every single one of you was going, "I wonder who's gettin' Billy's stuff?"
    But not me.
    I disabled signatures.
    SIHAB Posts: 2,177
    This is great news! Hang in there buddy!
  • steveinaz
    steveinaz Posts: 19,366
    Good deal. We will keep praying for you.
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  • Milito
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    Great news!
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  • Jimbo18
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    Glad to hear that you are at home, I hope your recovery goes better than expected.

    I don't know if you ever read anything about Kevin Smith, but he went through the exact same thing with "the widow maker". It changed his life - for the better. He lost weight, walks and eats healthy now. Check it out, it might give you some hope for yourself.
  • gudnoyez
    gudnoyez Posts: 7,646
    Sorry to hear this glad you made it, speedy recovery to you.
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  • TEAforONE
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    I’m so glad to hear you are home! What are the odds that there are 3 survivors of the “widow maker” on this forum?? Miracles happen everyday,just look around.
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  • Tony M
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    Glad you're at home now.

    No more quarter pounders w/cheese!

    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • tonyb
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    Glad to hear your home, alive, and hopefully with a new plan to stay that way.🙂
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  • Jazzhead
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    You will beat this. Medical technology is advanced these days and they will take care of you. You will recover. Best wishes.
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  • schwarcw
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    God bless! I am glad that you are home.

  • lightman1
    lightman1 Posts: 10,651
    Hang in there buddy! Good vibes coming your way. Glad you're recovering
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