Not getting audio when switching to netflix from dish tv. Audio from dish continues

Cannot get audio when swtching from dish to netflix


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    Don't switch.
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    reesa wrote: »
    Cannot get audio when swtching from dish to netflix

    Gonna need more information, what are you running?
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    If you can tell us the equipment you have, and how you currently have things hooked up, that would help a great deal in solving your problem.
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  • So what it sounds like is that you're switching from the dish receiver to netflix on a smart tv or other device. What the main cause of this is that you have your dish receiver plugged directly into your soundbar, so when your TV becomes the device you're using, it doesn't have the output to your sound system.

    What needs to happen is your soundbar has to be plugged into your TV directly with either an optical cable or an auxiliary cable in the headphone jack to ensure all sound output is directed to your sound system.