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Which speaker cable should I choose to purchase. Monster makes so many and I'm not sure which is my best choice for my application?
I need cable for the front mains for RTi 70's. (10-15 feet)
I need cable to run into the wall to the ceiling for the RC80i's for the surround at aprox. 30 feet. ( I'm sure it has to be UL listed wire for wall applications)
I also need cable to run up the wall to the patio ceiling at the length of 65 feet for one speaker and 40 for the other. My question is should I have each speaker cable for the patio speakers at the same length even if they are aprox. 25 feet apart from each other?
Also need a good quality sub cable for a Velodyne CHT-15 300 watt, 15 inch woofer., thinking of putting it in the front corner or within the best listening range.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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    For the main and center speakers, use the affordable entry level monster cable M series if you can, Z1 series are also good, for the surround speakers with 30 feet, use the new MC 10 gauche and for the patio speakers use any decent 12 gauche cables. For the sub use the monster bass series, some of these cable are THX ceritifed. All of these cables are affordable and will give you excellent results. You can check their specs via monstercable.com
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    I'd add up the total footage needed and go to Home Depot or Lowes. You can get a large spool of 12awg pretty cheap. As long as it's thick enough, I don't think you'll notice a difference unless you spend bigger money on high-end cables.

    I'd run same size lengths for the patio unless this puts you into a bigger spool. Either way, I doubt you'll be doing any dedicated listening out there and either way will be fine.

    For a sub, I use Audioquest Sidewinder. It works fine for me. I'm sure there are better out there, but haven't done any investigating or testing.
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    I perfer premade cables but if you buy a spool of 14x4 you can use it all over the house.
    For the speakers on the patio,Are you going to use a volume control out there,or a IR sensor to control volume?either way you don't need anything heavier than 14 guage.
    Here's an Install tip.............Run one single run of 14x4 to the volume control or straight to the speaker's and LOOP them.This means in monstercable wire there is a red wire and black with a red stripe use that for right channel,a blue wire and a black with a blue stripe, use for left channel.Now when you run the wire run to one speaker and the other in one wire pull.where you run the end of the wire either left or right,open up the jacket and attach only the correct wires,cut off the other,now at the LOOPed end, open up the jacket, becarefull not to cut the other sppeaker's wire inside, take note of signal flow(which way the wire run's back to the amp,and connect the wires at this speaker, leaving the other wires to pass to the other speaker.
    This is just an easyway to save money, time.It will sound fine with run's under 200 feet.
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