Signa S2 doesn’t auto connect when I turn tv on

I have signa s2 connected to lg tv via optical. I have to hit TV on Polk remote every time I turn the tv on. Is there a way for the sound bar to automatically recognize the tv when I turn it on?


  • I've bought three brands and encountered the same thing.. I believe that the CEC circuit may not have enough power. Out of curiosity, is your tv a VIZIO?
  • I happened upon the solution today. I paused the tv show until the soundbar turned itself off. Waited 5 minutes. Then I turned the bar on with the Polk remote. The vizio popup said we have found and set up your visio sound bar. To test. I turned it all off with the vizio remote. All off! Turned on with vizio remote. All on and volume worked correctly!
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