Lost a good one today



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    rooftop59 wrote: »
    Grace and peace be with you John.

    May your dad now find rest near to the heart of God.
    Amen, brother. Not the next Boy Band here, but some talented guys for sure:
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    Hey Jody, I'm very sorry to hear this news. I am glad you all had the opportunity to spend that quality time together there with your dad. Thank you for sharing this. Lots of different feelings in there, touching, and some little chuckles, too. I'll be thinking about you all in the days to come.

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    Sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing that with us. So nice that you all could be there with him at the end.
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    Very nice tribute to your father. It paints a great picture of your father as a man as well as an admirable relationship between father and son. His last moments are touching and though sorry for your loss, I am happy your family got those final moments.
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    Condolences but I am happy to hear you were there for him as a complete family. Couldn't ask for more.
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    Sorry for your loss. Fantastic that your dad could be such a positive influence.
  • Sorry for your loss.
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