PSW505 vs PSW650



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    A long as it's not a "cardboard" subwoofer box like that kid on the other thread... "Do I need an airhole"! Which I highly recommend reading for some good laughs!!
    The PSW505 is a good deal based on the feedback of other CP members.
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  • "So if you are expecting room shaking bass, it ain't gonna happen"

    Exactly what I found. The 650 is a more musical sub, easily keeping up with the A9's where the 505 lags behind, calls too much attention to itself and is a poor match.

    So, I found a Polk Audio PSW 650 used for $100. Researched, and while I found "praise" from some, and "meh" from others, this thread was the deciding factor. I'll pass. Didn't really need it anyway. Just wanted to say I had it. :wink:

    I see you've moved on to HSU, which says a lot. Btw, do you still have the 505s? Any other sub changes (or experience) since March 2013? Thanks.

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