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  • djclongisland
    Hey inspector! Would you do $200 shipped for the cs1000? I could PayPal you the money today, my cell is6317641906 thanks, ttys
    February 19
  • djclongisland
    Hey, by the way my name is Nick, I know I can’t be picky when it comes to looking for something in particular like this, is there any other damage to any of the speakers? And how much do you think it would be for shipping to 11763, I was hoping to spend about 150 total, but seeing that you have one I might as well hop on it. I’m thinking maybe I can replace the damaged tweeter with another tweeter.... I know if you ship via USPS if you say that it’s books, it’s significantly cheaper. Do you by any chance have a replacment tweeter? Thanks!!!
    January 30
    • F1nut
    • Inspector 24
      Inspector 24
      No other damage to the drivers. Last time I bought any tweeters they were about $70 from Polk. IMHO not worth 20% of the price shipped for a small dent that I highly doubt makes any audible difference in sound, but if the veneer was all freshened up it might be worth it for cosmetics if you want it to look near new. I will not ship as books. I have faith in my packing jobs but that would not provide any damage. Guessing packaged dimensions and weight, Looks like shipping will be on the range of between $75-95 depending on finished package weight. I figure I'll be adding 2-3" padding and boxing on all sides, so 40 x 20 x 15 in. and max 65lbs.
    • Inspector 24
      Inspector 24
      With a $200 declared value
    • djclongisland
      OK, I will let you know with in the next few days, I just want to do my research on replacement tweeter, I plan on vinyl wrapping The speaker, mounting it on the wall, I think the dent in the tweeter will bug me 😟Maybe I’ll just have to suck it up and keep the grill on, I just love the sight of the drivers 🤗
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