How Do Support Incidents Work?

Hi there,

I had a question about a red light on the back of my Polk Audio DSW Pro 440wi subwoofer and submitted a support ticket and received a question reference number. I hadn't heard back anything after awhile so I clicked the link in the email which says
please click here to update your incident with more information
. It took me to

How does this all work?



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    As you can tell it don't. Please call Polk customer service at 1-800-377-7655
  • LOL, OK thanks, I much appreciate the reply. I'm a Polk newbie and that's why I posted the question. I'll take your advice and give them a call this week.
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    The red light is death, something on the board is cooked more than likely.
    Give us some info maybe we will be more helpful and faster

  • I have the subwoofer connected via pre-amp out to line in on the Polk.

    When turned on the green light comes on in any of the power connection settings; standby, auto or on. After 15 minutes the light turns red. I don't ever see the amber light.

    The subwoofer seems to work though, it's just the red light doesn't disappear after switching from the green light. I take it that it's a sign that something is not right.

    This subwoofer was gifted to me by my brother who lives in an apartment and wasn't able to use it. He bought it new a couple of years back and it was only in use for a week when he just stored it in a closet in his apartment. I've had it for about a month.
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    The light should turn red with no activity after about 15min or so that would be normal. If then presented a signal and the sub comes alive and the light is still red I personally wouldn't worry too much. if it fails to come alive then that is problematic. I take it more than likely it is out of warranty? It don't hurt to call the Customer service number and see what they say. More than likely they may tell you to send it in to them.
  • Thanks again. I'll give them a call just to see what they suggest. Since it's working I agree with you that I probably shouldn't worry about it.