An engineer and paramedic take to the road to pick up some speakers.

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Sounds like the start of a joke….. The punchline would be Ed got his speakers and Ivan got his Yuengling.

No joke. Ed (ESavinon) the SRT king drove from NY to PA and picked up Carl (schwarcw) on the way to my place in IL. Earlier this year, I had picked up and stored a pair of beautiful modded 1C’s Ed purchased from Faustin. I repeat, beautiful. Like new. Drop dead, in awe, have to touch them gorgeous. Sound as good as they look.

Ivan (pittdog2) and I have been trying to get together and finally did. Aaron (ALL212) dropped by to make it an even four guests.

Good times…..I don't have many pics as I was busy hosting. There was digital, my newest cookie sheet DAC and vinyl. Carl schooled me on Roon. Went to places in the menu I've never been.


Jasper sat in on the listening.


Can't take the Texas out of the cat. Loves to toast himself on the Krell. And it gets hot. 'If that wire twitches one more time, it's dead...'

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    That is so cool! I'm sure you guys had a great time! That's what CP is all about - camaraderie and community! Well done sir! :smile:
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    Good times for sure!
    And Jasper is one cool cat
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Good times for sure!
    And Jasper is one cool cat

    I think he’d take offense at being called a cat...
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    verb wrote: »
    That is so cool! I'm sure you guys had a great time! That's what CP is all about - camaraderie and community! Well done sir! :smile:

    I would HARDLY call a large and VERY HEAVY 250 WPC class A Krell amp "Cool" :p;):D
    I always wanted to hear what some Polk SDA's sound like with a Krell. Especially the KSA-250.
    That was the first amp which allowed me to hear recorded soundstage height back when they were all saying you couldn't reproduce such a thing!
    It was driving a pair of B & W 801 Matrix Series III's.
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    Now that's what I call one awesome road trip!
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    What she👆🏽said
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    Sounds like a good time! That acoustic panel does freak me out a little, though, but I like it. Seems like a good time was had by all, cat included. :)
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    A really nice thread and pics. I particular like Jasper. I'm sure the mold was broken after he was born. Jasper is in charge based upon his large picture on the wall. Thanks for sharing all the good times.
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    Awesome road trip! Glad ya’ll could meet up B)
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    What a great time! Ed and I lived like kings. I want to thank Rich and Dana for their hospitality during our two day visit. They are first class people and good friends of both me and Ed. I apologize for eating everything that we found. The ambulance ride in the Equinox to rescue the SDAs was successful. Ed is an excellent driver and EMT. I choked on a little piece of Lifesaver gummi circles that went down the wrong pipe. Ed told me to be careful eating those gummis. He said if I needed mouth to mouth resuscitation, I was going to die because he wasn’t going to do it.
    Rich, Ed and I have had several good adventures, two Polkfests, audio shows and car wrecks. We became Forum buddies 13 or so years ago. It’s always great to see these guys as they are great friends. Here is a picture of the three of us at Richee’s listening to Ed’s new SDAs.


    Ivan and Aaron came in Saturday afternoon. I met Ivan at RMAF several years ago in Skip’s room. We had dinner and a great time out in the Rockies and it was good to see him again. Enjoy the beer my friend! I met Aaron at Rich’s place after an Axpona event in Chicago some time ago. I like Aaron’s sense of humor! We had more than a few laughs, most at Richee’s expense. Here is a picture of the whole gang minus me.


    Rich’s system sounded fantastic as always! His 9028 DAC build was still on the bread board but it sounded smooth and dynamic. That big Krell amp would make a pair of swimming pool speakers sound good. But with quality speakers like the Salks the sound quality is music to my ears. Here are a few system pics:





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    Thanks for the great time guys! I look forward to seeing you again!

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    It was great meeting Ed, the stories of his trips acquiring SRT's was amazing and to listen to all the gear he has aquired over the years. The camaraderie between you 4 was something I was glad to witness and be a part of.

    Thank you all for the great fun and great sounds we listened to all day. It was truly a great time
    Thanks for the great food Rich, you're a master of that grill.
    Thank you Carl and Ed for bootlegging the Yeungling.
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    Bunch of hooligans.
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    I had a blast with Carl, Rich, Aaron and Ivan.
    We spent saturday listening to Richie's music server and vynil, sharing our knowledge and experience of all things audio,
    And basking in the camaraderie of four complete but very different audio lunatics.

    I would like to Thank Richie, Dana, Carl and Maureen for your hospitality, friendhip, and care.

    It was a pleasure to meet Aaron and Ivan. Two very colorful personalities those wit
    and humor made our gathering more memorable.
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    this is one of those classic threads... you old farts all having a blast! a Blast from the PAST! almost... Arron is a little young but still one of my favorites, but you all have been around the forum for so many years B)

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