Equalizer 2

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Watched this last night with the wife... the train scene in the beginning and the hurricane scene at the end are a true subwoofer work out. Felt like I was getting hit by a storm surge the last 15 minutes.

Not a bad action movie either! :open_mouth:
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    I thought this was gonna be about...

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    I bought the 4K version of this and watched it with the wife.
    The story itself was a worthy sequel to the first and the effects (as mentioned above) were great on the home theatre (ran it through the 707's instead of the RtiA9's).
    I have dual subs which made the storm at the end pretty intense.

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  • I have't watched Equalizer 2 yet but watched the first version. It was a great movie. I have listed the 2 into my wishlist and hope I can watch it in this month,
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