Woodbourne questions...push twice to power on?

MartyGMartyG Posts: 1
Hi all...just got myself a used Woodbourne. Love the sound but a couple things bug me. The auto power off feature...no way to override that huh? Really bums me out as I have it connected to Alexa. Also, I have no remote, so when I power it back on...I have to push and hold the power button, it comes on...powers off...then, I push and hold power again...stays on. Is this normal?


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    For mine its push once on the power button, but it takes a second or so to power up.
    So when I first purchased I had the same trouble, push and hold seemed to turn it on and off or on and switch off BT to wifi (I use it in BT).
    Frustrating till i realized a quick on push followed by a little patience brought everything up exactly as normal. Your mileage may vary.
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