Norah Jones live from austin

This vinyl record from 2007 ACL has been sold out forever. Scalper prices for $150-$200 for unopened new ones. So I bought a used one for $75. A *5* STAR performance and a 5 Star recording. So glad I bought this, it's Just Heavenly.bwocq6efftib.jpg


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    Always nice to come across a reasonable opportunity on some of the rare albums when you're used to seeing high asking prices for a while.

    I get a little tired seeing the same notifications from Discogs with a rare item from my Want List with a label stating "Good Deal!"

    Sorry Discogs, 190 Euros isn't quite Good Deal enough :)

    Side note: I just learned that Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar's daughter. Did you guys know this?!?
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    I think it is pretty much common knowledge to Nora's fans that she is Ravi's daughter.

    I am a fan.
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    Haha, damn, I had no idea! I can't call myself a huge fan, and only heard some of her stuff here and there.
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    I have Live In New Orleans DVD from 2002 (House of Blues) - very enjoyable. One of my favorite SACDs is Come Away With Me. They were very inexpensive not sure about now. I have several other of her CDs but no other SACDs and Come Away With Me is special.

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    Great addition to your vinyl collection enjoy. I'm a huge Nora fan.
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    do you guys know what month her new album is coming out this year?
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    Side note: I just learned that Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar's daughter. Did you guys know this?!?

    Yes, I did. It's an interesting factoid for sure. Ravi Shankar's performance at The Monterey Pop Festival is one of the best performances of all time, IMO.
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    Got the SACD box set in the mail yesterday and what I've listened to so far is fantastic.
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    Great addition to your vinyl collection enjoy. I'm a huge Nora fan.
    Really??? :p Sorry, man...couldn't resist. I meant to buy Come Away with Me as my first Norah record, but accidentally bought Not Too Late instead. There are some really challenging phono passages on Not Too Late. I think it's probably a mastering error, but can usually be tamed with a very fine stylus. If you want a challenge, give it a spin.

    One of my favorite songs on that album is "Sinkin' Soon", with that cool trombone part. The story is they couldn't play the entire song initially in the studio, so went out for dinner and beers, came back, and nailed it on the first take. She said, "I guess we needed a little bit of that drunken sailor vibe."
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