Power Amp Recommendations for LSiM 705’s?

Welp, my new B&K 202+ arrived with a crackle from the left speaker output at higher volumes. When it isn’t crackling, I love the sound paired with my Yamaha CX-1 preamp. Since I’m in the market again, can anyone recommend some other good alternatives? Should I stay B&K? New power amps are very pricey so it looks like I’m in the used market. Budget would be around $300-400 if possible.

Any opinions on the Outlaw Monoblocks? The amp must be “musical” since that is 99% of my listening. Thanks in advance!


  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 7,592
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    If you can stretch the budget slightly there are a few options on our local marketplace:

    Parasound A23: https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/185226/parasound-a23-for-quick-sale

    Parasound 2250v2: https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/185062/fs-parasound-2250-v2-rta11t-jbl-l3

    $300-400 is a hard price point for an amp of decent quality, imo. That's Emotiva territory for new prices, and I hesitate to direct you toward older/vintage stuff since you've already had the issue with the B&K.
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    Thanks so much for these links. Am I safe to say anything in the Parasound family would work well with the 705's, including down to the HCA-1000? Is Adcom not known to play nice with the LSiM's?
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    I had an outlaw mono block and it did the job fine. I have a model 5000 now and love it. Can’t say the same about my outlaw pre/pro but no complaints about the amps.
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    Which Outlaw pre/pro do you have Airplay, and what don't you like about it?
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  • Airplay355 wrote: »
    I had an outlaw mono block and it did the job fine. I have a model 5000 now and love it. Can’t say the same about my outlaw pre/pro but no complaints about the amps.

    I also have the 5000 on LSiMs. It’s wonderful. Exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

    I’ve had the Outlaw 975 pre/pro for two days now....still evaluating. Curious to hear your experience.

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  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,294
    I don’t like how noisy it is, the poor quality remotes, the low max volume. But I guess for the price it’s decent enough.

    Agree about the 5000. Definitely exceeded expectations.
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