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  • halenhalen Posts: 384

    Did you end up with a solo stove?
  • halenhalen Posts: 384
    I have been transitioning into family mode for some time now. Thinking about family trips, camping, hiking... bush craft type of things.

    I picked up a couple different solo stove models and have used all of them extensively. Even went caveman and learned all the ways to make fire from flints to quartz using cotton to char cloth.

    I find that the second burn is a novelty at best. Smokeless or less smoke? Once optimal heat stage is achieved, my charcoal grill is the same.

    I do like the titan. But man. It is a wood guzzler. Same as the campfire.

    I find natural gas/propane to much cheaper and cleaner as I burnt well over $200 in wood in three days.
  • treitz3treitz3 Posts: 12,996
    aprazer402 wrote: »
    Anyone else remember using one of these back in the 60's? :)

    Went to a Sherriff's partayyy back in the day. Everyone was wasted as much as the folks they normally arrest daily. Yes, everyone. They had a barrel in the back for a "bon fire".

    One of the Sherriff's came out and stated that he was cold. Walked around the barrel with his pistol and opened it up with said pistol (albeit not too much). Emptied the thing.

    Mucho better, as he walked off back into the Dining Room. It was at that point that I knew I could throw down.

    The neighbors homes were 40' away from the firepit in more than 3 directions.

    Shut up Russ, Jealousy will get you nowhere.

    That was a fun night. Only in the South....

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    We do turkeys in a trash can. Not perforated . When camping in the winter. Turn out awesome.half keg works even better. Top holds more charcoal. ft4lo89nmw17.jpeg
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  • aprazer402aprazer402 Posts: 1,400
    ^^^ Looks exciting, but a little too involved at my age. I have used this cooker several times for a turkey <14 lbs. with very good results, even quicker than in an oven. I usually don't care for Char-Broil quality, but this works well. Called the Big Easy No-oil fryer/roaster?
  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 18,952
    halen wrote: »

    Did you end up with a solo stove?

    Sorry for the late answer....No, I didn't get one. Right now I just have a fire bowl thingy.
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