Norah Jones' Tribute to Chris Cornell cover of Black Hole Sun

I discovered this for the first time today and it has been haunting me and giving me chills since. A beautiful performance IMO...


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 13,482
    Thsnks for sharing
  • mantismantis Posts: 15,331
    She is awesome. I like to come home on a cold winter night and sit and listen to her.
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    mantis wrote: »
    She is awesome. I like to come home on a cold winter night and sit and snuggle with her.

    Fixed. :p

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    She's da bomb! Thanks for sharing!
  • trav0810trav0810 Posts: 1,058
    Absolutely love her voice. I'll spend a great deal of time listening to her and Eva Cassidy.
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    Love Norah Jones. We went to the same college, though I was there a few years before her.
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    Tony M wrote: »
    I think she is better than Diana Krall.

    Diana Krall has a nice voice but I get fatigued listening. I don't feel the music so much. Nora Jones comes across as very genuine and has a quality that I can listen to her all day.

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  • indyhawgindyhawg Posts: 1,236
    Nice version. Thanks for sharing.
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