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I just purchased a PS4 Pro today..

With Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, and Pre Ordered Spider-Man..

Will set it up tomorrow after work. I haven’t played games in years since the PS2 so this should be fun to play with..


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    Cool! Have fun with it!
    If your into shooting games, a game you at least need to try is FortNite... I don’t usually get caught up in trendy stuff, but FortNite is a lot of fun, and it’s free, no matter what kind of device you have. PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads, and iPods, xBox 1 and PS4. Soon to be Android as well.
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    I like my PS4 Pro. Not as much as my Xbox One X, though it's still good. My God does it get loud though. While the Xbox One X is whisper silent the PS4 Pro sounds like a jet about to take off when you play games that are patched to make use of the Pros extra power.
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 7,961
    God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn should both be on your radar as well.
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • What @Nightfall said times 1000. Also include the last of us.
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    I'm playing the PS4 android version quite interesting, go to apknite to download games and experience the difference[url="http://"][/url]
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  • Great purchase, besides, it will be relevant for some time
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    Looking the best game for ps4 :'(
  • Amumu00Amumu00 Posts: 3
    it's more than mobile games that my son plays at mobidescargar
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