Integra DRX R1.1

mantismantis Posts: 15,986
It's rare I'm blown away by an Integra Receiver. But the more I listen to it, calibrate and test it the more it impresses me.
The new Auto EQ software is borrowed from Pioneer MCACC PRO. It's totally better then Audyssey of years ago. This is useable software and a very useful tool which Phasing 7.2.4 Atmos speaker package.
Now mind you we had a Audiocontrol 7 channel amp running the Reference Revel's and only the internal amps where driving the Atmos Revel speakers but man I can hear the dynamics from the preamp, the warmth and clarity as well. I know how these amps perform as we install them a lot. With Integra Preamps for that matter as well of years past but this new R1.1 is a beast.
I'm now strongly considering bringing one home and testing it against my Sony 5000ES which I don't think is as good especially for power and control. Detail and clarity it's right there .
If anyone is in the high end market for a high end receiver and wants to go 4k Dolby Vision HDR and of course way more 3p01wfxma9ez.jpg
Atmos then you gotta check out the DRX R1.1
My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.


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