WANTED: Signature Suggestions

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I'm new to the community, but not Polk Audio. B) I move speakers in and out of rotation. They vary (vintage to current), but nothing really high end (imo).

ISO feedback about signatures (I see different types):
  • Member names +/- images
  • Gear List (by make, room, or current/previous)
  • Quotes (funny and/or audio related)
What type of signature would you suggest? WWYD?

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  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 2,180
    I would go with the S60's paired with the S30 center cha..... oh, that kind of signature. Never mind.
    HT - Pio Elite SC-63, Nuance Spatial 3S, Spatial Cen S, FXi50 surrounds, Def Tech PF 15TL+, Belkin PF30, Samsung UBD-M7500, Furez 12-2.
    Bedroom - Samsung UN50RU7200, Denon 2808ci, Monitor 5jr+ Series 2, Polk T30 center, Furez 10/2,
  • verbverb Posts: 10,203
    I would add more description to that handsome dog you have there! :smile:
    Basement: Polk SDA SRS,Cary SLP-05 Pre,Enlightened Audio Designs CD Transport,Northstar Designs Excelsio DAC,Cambridge 851N streamer,Marantz SA-14 SACD,McIntosh MC300 Amp,Silnote Morpheus Ref2 Digital Cable,Furman 15PFi Power Conditioner,Pangea Power Cables,Wireworld Oasis 8 RCA IC's,MIT Shotgun S3 IC's,MIT Shotgun S1 Bi-Wire speaker cables
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    Spare Room: Antique Sound Labs Wave AV-8 Monoblocks,Tisbury Mini Passive Pre,Tjoeb 99 tube CD player (modified Marantz CD-38),Analysis Plus Oval 9's,Zu Jumpers,AudioEngine B1 Streamer,Klipsch RB-61 v2,SVS PB1000 sub,Blue Jeans RCA IC's
    Living Room: Peachtree Nova Integrated,Cambridge CXN v2 Streamer,Rotel RCD-1072 CD player,Furman 15PFi Power Conditioner,Polk RT265 In Wall Speakers,Polk DSW Pro 660wi sub
  • edubb46edubb46 Posts: 6
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    Jimbo18 wrote: »
    ...oh, that kind of signature. Never mind.
    Would love to go w/the S60's, but for now, I'll start w/the small stuff. :)

  • edubb46edubb46 Posts: 6
    verb wrote: »
    I would add more description to that handsome dog you have there! :smile:
    Good feedback! <3:)B)

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