polk audio lsim 707 grill not stay firmly on place.

Need help.

the problem with my polk lsim 707. one grill do not stay in place. it his a refurbish but look new. very desapointed with that because all time gos down make dammages to the stand.
very desapointed.
i am from canada and polk not help me.
he send new one but nopt resolved the problem. try to tweak the grill.
but probably the badge create this issue the angle of the badge point to the down.


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    Est-ce possible mettre un petite morsel de papier dans les trous faire ce plus serre?
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    ^ c'est ce qu'elle a dit.
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    Hey Robert,
    You say your badge is pointing downward?
    You are talking about the badge mounted on the bottom of the speaker front/baffle, correct?

    Is it twisted so that it's not horizontal?
    As you can see, there's a cutout/contour on the bottom of the grill that's supposed to sit on the badge.

    Are your grills bent so that they're pulling away?
    Do the magnets actually pull the grill flush against the speaker?
    Are your speakers angled forward/downward? Rear feet up too high?

    Hate to offer this, but as a known issue, maybe a couple of small squares of thin, clear double-sided tape at two of the mag points on the grill would help. Just make sure the grill contour is sitting on the badge, and then let the grill suck up to the speaker, and the sticky might help.

    Another option, perhaps the better one, would be a couple of small balls of Blue-Tack at non-magnetic points, and then press the grills on once properly placed, resting on the badge, flattening the Blue-Tack balls. In combination with the magnets, this may help give just enough resistance to prevent the grill slipping downward, over the badge.

    I notice sometimes one of my 705 ones will have slipped and I haven't realized it. These grills are kind of heavy.

    Or maybe a small, thin rolled bead of Blue-Tack placed across the top of the logo, and sit the grill on that? May also prevent slipping? The idea is to increase the slip resistance slightly, of course.
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    I had the same issue. I tried shaping the grilles to be flatter but my simple solution was to use small squares of low profile velcro tape at the tops of each speaker and grille. I would never be listening to the speakers with the grilles off anyway but the grilles can stil be easily removed. The magnets hold the grilles effectively to the speakers at the other points and there is no slippage.
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    I would just take them off. My 705’s would randomly blow the grill off. But stayed in place just fine when not in use.
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  • @audiovue, we can replace the grilles for you. Not a problem. Message me directly and I'll set that up for you. Did our Canadian rep already send you a grille?
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