2nd remote sent to me and still does not work

So I'm assuming it doesn't have anything to do with the remote at this point. I tried holding down the wifi reset on back of sound bar and it did not work. Anyone have any ideas how to get my remote going?
I've been unable to adjust bass or voice for over a week.

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  • IkeHarrisIkeHarris Posts: 6
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    Got ahold of customer service yesterday, they shipped out a complete new unit to me, will be here tomorrow.
    I have to say Polk's customer service has been excellent so far.
    Hopefully this new one will be good to go.


  • tonybtonyb Posts: 30,376
    Give Polk CS a call, they should take care of ya.

    Did you try simply unplugging the unit for about 5 minutes and plugging it back in ?
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  • IkeHarrisIkeHarris Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply,
    I did do a hard reset but that didn't work.
    Unfortunately due to the holiday Polk is closed until Tuesday, I guess what's another few days after I've been waiting a few weeks already.
    Just a little aggravating having this issue only two days after purchasing....luck of the draw I suppose.
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,773
    Hey @IkeHarris, If you can't get it figured out give Polk CS a call on Tuesday like @tonyb suggested.

    In the mean time a few simple things you might want to try until Tuesday,

    Don't take any of these suggestions for other than what they are as I've done them all, a couple times. :blush:

    1. Forget resetting the WiFi as it has nothing to do with the remote it's IR (Inferred).
    2. If the remote is using AAA battery's, Check that you have them installed right (some of them can be a pain to figure out what end is what +/-), Also they will most likely go in opposite directions with the negative end (-) going towards a coil spring if it has one. Also if you have a remote that uses the same battery's try swapping them.
    3. I don't know if this works with cellphone cameras or not but you might be able to see the IR pulses with the camera.
    4. Do you have something blocking the IR receiver on the front of the soundbar.
    5. Rare but I've had it happen to me, Some florescent lights will interfere with IR (Inferred signals).

    Some of these suggestion may seem condescending but there not meant to be. Sometimes the simplest thing can drive you bat poo crazy.

    Case in point back in the late 80s I spent 2 days trying to figure out why "WordPerfect" would not print lower case letters on the monitor so I called tech support and the first thing he asked was "Do you Have the Caps Lock on?", I took one look at my keyboard and I apologised to the tech for wasting his time and hung up. I really felt like the dumbest person ever born in all of human history. Something so simple I never thought of or bothered to check.
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  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,765
    I'm not sure which soundbar you have, but you might want to remove the battery and using a small screwdriver or dental pick and pull slightly on the spring contact to make sure it is making solid contact with the battery.
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  • IkeHarrisIkeHarris Posts: 6
    I appreciate all the replies unfortunately I've tried pretty much all of that was suggested. I'm on my second remote now so I'm assuming it has something to do with the actual sound bar.
    It's the Magnifi mini
    I'll give them a call tomorrow again.

    Thanks again it's much appreciated
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