Take a Deep Dive Into the Beautiful Making of Nixie Tubes

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Reposted from Gizmodo. I watched the entire video and it was cool as [email protected]#!
Not only are Nixie tubes cool as hell, but this video is the most relaxing way to start your morning that I can think of.

A Nixie tube is an old-school device that was mostly used for displaying letters and numerals. Back before the advent of LCDs, these cold cathode tubes could be found in voltage meters, calculators and other gadgets.

In 2011, Dalibor Farny discovered that Nixie tubes were no longer being manufactured so he decided to take it upon himself to make some. The painstaking process that goes into manufacturing these things at home is covered in minute detail in this gorgeous little video.

So sit back and luxuriate in the fine spinning glass, tweezered wiring and snipped metal.

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