sub woofer into another device

Once I re wired my Klipsch sub w/ double braided coax and the right fittings the thing never sounded so good. Well so good I questioned whether my 2Bs were lacking in bass and most say no just hearing better placement. Now I use only 1 of the red/white female ports to my Yamaha RX-V-665sbwofer input. If I got a preamp w/ a sub out could I use the other port and bolster my 2 chll doing it that way. I also have some kind of Monster Cable Y-connector for subs I think for adding another to the mix.
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    You can Y into another sub, as long as you have headroom in your sub settings to increase a little, since the split will decrease voltage going to the first sub in half. Adding a identical sub doesn't add volume due to that voltage decrease unless you have more volume available in you settings.
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