Jolida Sj302A Integrated Amp



  • nikolas812nikolas812 Posts: 2,944
    edited January 2016
    Does anybody know who bought this amp or might have it now? I would like to buy it back.

  • tonybtonyb Posts: 31,440
    That was like over 7 years ago....doubt they are even still here. Sure looked like a sweet amp though.
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  • nikolas812nikolas812 Posts: 2,944
    I know. Worth a try. I'd really like to have it back. Out of all of the gear I've owned, I miss it the most. It had a really sweet sound paired with a Jolida jd100 Cd player and a pair of Peerless Monitor 7's...

  • cnhcnh Posts: 13,310
    Haven't the faintest! But at the price you sold it at it was a steal! Very nice piece. I have the newer version, the JD-303-a couple of upgrades and cosmetic improvements but very very similar. I'm quite fond of it, in fact. Currently running it on some JBL L80ts. the tubes tame that titanium tweeter in the JBLs and actually make it sound a little sweet, if you can believe that. And the bass is pretty good too! Helps push those almost 7 lbs magnets on the 10" woofers.

    Maybe the buyer will show up.
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  • nikolas812nikolas812 Posts: 2,944
    I contacted the buyer a few years ago. And he wouldn't let go of it. I think his screen name might have had "wolf" in it? I can't remember, too long ago. I'll probably just buy a newer version with a remote and upgrade the caps in it, like I did this one..

  • BetaBeta Posts: 263
    nikolas812 wrote: »
    Out of all of the gear I've owned, I miss it the most.
    Hope you find your amp or can put something similar together.

    I have a modified 502p that I run with black bottle Treasure 6CA7s. I'll be darn if this amp doesn't keep finding its way back into my system.
  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 8,217
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • nikolas812nikolas812 Posts: 2,944
    It's already saved in my list. I'm just watching it to see what it sells for really. I'm mot ready to buy anything yet. I'm still in the process of finishing my race car and that's priority number one at the moment.


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