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Cobalt Audio Speaker Cables

5 ft (locking banana terminations)

COBALT cables are 10AWG stranded copper. High quality locking banana termination. Well regarded cables. Chosen as the top performer in Audioholic no-hold-barred Speaker Cable shoot-out. The lowest inductance, top 2 for frequency response measurements and the best for build quality and looks, of all the cables tested in the shoot-out.
"The Cobalt Cables measured the lowest inductance out of all the cables in this comparison...
The Stealth Premier 2 and Cobalt cables had the highest performance in this comparison. However, special care must be taken to ensure closely spacing of the (+) and (-) conductors of the Stealth Premier 2 to achieve comparable performance to the Cobalt Cables...
From a build quality and cosmetics stand point, the Cobalt cables were our top preference...
With that in mind, our top three choices in order of preference were:

1. Cobalt Cables

Good sounding. Excellent built quality. Heavy (over 3 lbs). The locking bananas are well designed and easy to use. Used with some signs of usage. I have 2 pairs, keeping one pair.

New Retail: $199
$75 shipped CONUS with (Paypal F&F or add 3%)


Zu Audio Mission Speaker Cables 3.0M (9ft 10inch)

This is the Mark I version. Locking bananas and copper spades. Very good condition. Bananas show some inevitable signs of usage. Original owner. Has box.

"Zu Audio Mission speaker wire geometry as the Tesla/Litz configuration. Single crystal copper. The speaker cable has a 13 gauge aggregate, with a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheathing. The spade terminations are copper with a cold forged ten ton crimp process. Locking banana plugs are ... fastened with the ITT Pomona soldering process."

New Retail: $399 (3.0 M)
Price: $195.00 shipped CONUS (Paypal F&F or add 3%)


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