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I just took delivery of a new pair of RTIA9 that I ordered online from Future Shop. The boxes looked good with no significant damage, but upon unboxing one of the speakers I immediately found that one of the feet had sheared off.

Future Shop will replace the entire speaker, but given its size I thought I'd check to see if I could buy a replacement foot first rather than trying to box it back up and shipping it out.

Does anyone know how easy/difficult it would be to obtain this part? I'm in Canada, so I'm not sure if this complicates things.

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  • polk500polk500 Posts: 1,181
    Hello Brian,

    I'm sure you can get a replacement foot for the Speaker, but seeing how the speaker sustained enough force to share off a foot I would be concerned that there may be damage internally.
    I would personally get a new speaker.

  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 42,910
    It's just a plastic outrigger, so it wouldn't take much to have it break off. As long as the cabinet exterior isn't damaged a new outrigger would be all that's needed. To get parts in Canada you will have to contact the Canadian rep, Walter something.
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  • HookedHooked Posts: 2
    A big thanks to Walter Moser of Polk Audio Canada!

    Excellent customer service!

    Thanks also to those that provided their input to my original post.

  • gfonggfong Posts: 1,077
    Careful in the future, I spiked mine and moving them ever so slightly left and right for toe in (a few to many times) I have broken 2 feet. Need to get a hold of Walter and grab a few spares from him.
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