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Hi I recently purchased a pair of RTi A7. Now I am interested in separating the woofers out and am looking for suggestions as to what would be the best way of powering them. I have a 20 year old Denon avr-800 with NO pre-outs. I will be replacing this with a new Denon AVR-S700w. What type of amp (amps) should I be looking for to power the subwoofers in the pair of RTi A7's. Thanks jpk


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    I don't fully understand what you are specifically asking but will answer to what I think and you can correct. You have a pair of RTi 7's and a new receiver that's rated at 80watts per channel when running 2 channels. I would purchase a power amp to run your Rti7's and use the Denon 700 to run the rest of the speakers. 150-200 watts is the range I would look at. Used market can be your friend but there are also lots of new choices out there as well.

    I ran the Rti7's with and without an amp and they are really great with both.

    What percentage of movies or music will you be doing?

    Do you currently have a sub woofer in your system?
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    should I be looking for to power the subwoofers in the pair of RTi A7's.

    There are no subwoofers in those speakers.

    I believe are you are thinking about some sort of attempt at bi-amping using the AVR on top and a separate power amp to drive the bottom. Forget you ever thought about it.
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    The Denon S700 doesn't have preouts either, so you can't add an amp with that receiver either.
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    As others have alluded, you need an AVR* w/pre outs. Seems your current AVR* & the one you're considering do not - essential to connect external power amp(s).

    Many say most AVRs don't have "the juice" to drive 'A7s* well - 2 channel. Throw in a CC and surrounds on top of them*, things get very challenging.

    I've never heard my 'A7s w/anything but a decent separate amp - pleased w/the results, so I can't comment*. In fact I only know, from a listening stand point, ARE separates, including to my surrounds.

    When you decide on your AVR or pre/pro...

    good luck, Tony
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