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  • AsSiMiLaTeDAsSiMiLaTeD Posts: 11,717
    It sounds pretty damn good actually, I'd say this one leans more toward adding weight and impact to the sound than it does in retrieving that last bit of detail. If you've heard the last generation of Burson gear like the HA-160 I'd say this one sounds very similar.

    The USB input on this model isn't very good, I believe it may be limited to certain resolutions but even on those rates it does support doesn't sound as good as the other inputs. If you're running from a computer plan on also picking up a separate USB to SPDIF converter...
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 32,479
    Haven't heard it myself but it is one of the dacs I was researching when hunting. USB input wasn't important to me as I don't use it anyway. It hasn't received that many good reviews and some actually flat out didn't like it at all. For the price though, it may not be all that bad as people say but the under 500 buck dac neighborhood is fairly crowded these days....especially used.
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