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  • SyndilSyndil Posts: 1,591
    edited February 2012
    Oh that's just the user-created RBN songs. Don't really care about those.

    That Playstation Plus thing just looks like a discount plan as far as I can tell... Kind of like Amazon Prime for PSN. Don't need to buy it to use PSN.

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  • danger boydanger boy Posts: 15,888
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    Aren't new gamin consoles coming from Sony and Nintendo soon?
    PolkFest 2012, who's going>?
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  • SherardpSherardp Posts: 8,048
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    danger boy wrote: »
    Aren't new gamin consoles coming from Sony and Nintendo soon?

    Supposed the Wii U is sort of forcing Xbox 720 and PS4 to be released a little earlier. I was going to buy the PS3, so I could have both consoles. No need anymore I suppose.
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