For Sale: Sony ES integrated amp w/pics

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Sony TA-F808ES Integrated Amp:

This is a Class A amp w/excellent phono stage. It has a MOSFET drive and output stage!!! It's rated at 100wpc @ 8ohms/130wpc @ 4ohms and has a dynamic power rating at 1ohm of 520wpc. The thing is built like a tank, weighing in at 51lbs. and has two Coke can sized bad-assed caps, 15,000 each and two smaller ones at 8,200 each. I bought it NIB in February, it sold new for $1800.00 and is perfect for the audiophile on a budget who is unwilling to sacrifice sound quality. Very clean amp with balls in MINT condition. Comes with remote, manual, original carton and warranty card. $650.00 plus shipping.
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    Are you in a hurry to sell?

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    That sure is a purty integrated you gots there boy. Howsabout you n me make us a deal....2 pigs and my houndog Telly fer that amp?

    Looks great F1!

    I will personally note, that the gear is in excellent shape, no BS.

    Jesse is a nut about his gear....took me months of knowing him, for him to not cringe when I went rambling over for the volume control. :D He keeps his stuff squared away.

    Good luck!
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    The TA-F808ES arrived today in mint condition as advertised and packed to withstand a bomb blast. It's currently doing duty in my ALL SONY home office rig and I am listening to it as I type. Thanks for the quick shipping (one business day after receipt of funds) and the great deal!!:D
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