Subwoofers-Front Firing vs Down Firing

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I am in the market for a subwoofer to complete my HT system. Should I go with a front firing sub or a down firing sub? Any big preformance differences? I listen to music 80% and watch movies 20% of the time. I have narrowed my choices to HSU-VT2 or the POLK PSW-404. The HSU-VT2 is drowning in great reviews. So far, there is not much press on the PSW-404 as it is a newer model.

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For the record, I use POLK RT55s for my main speakers.
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    There is no difference in the sound quality between the two designs, all other things being equal. Bass waves are essentially unidirectional at frequencies under 80 Hz, and are also hard to absorb, so firing downward is not a detriment.

    The 404 will play louder than the VTF-2 above 30-35 Hz, even if the VTF-2 is in Maximum Ouput Mode with both ports open.

    The VTF-2 will play deeper than the 404 if you plug a port and put it into Maximum Extension Mode, but you will lose about 4 dB output in the process.

    The SVS 20-39 PCi will play louder and deeper (at the same time) than either.

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