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I decided to go with one 10 inch Kicker sl7 dual 2 ohm sub. It is hooked to a US acoustics pushing 450 by one and it hits harder than the momo 12 that it replaced. I couldn't believe it. Polk components still rule though...Those square Kickers are NASTY hitting subs...still can't believe it is only one 10!
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    yeah theyre very loud and will kick a momo's **** anyday...mainly b/c theyre square and have more surface area and theyre more efficient too
    but the momos sound a lot better than the kickers do...momos-SQ
    depends on what ur going for
    im not sure but isnt 450 a little weak for that sub?
    not trying to offend anyone like i did in a previous post...but arent they rated a lot higher than 450?
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    650 last time i checked cody -- 750 for the 12...

    and usually they put MORE than that on them -- ie. almost a grand on the 12"

    the L7 is best in a ported box -- and u're right, they're dirty as hell... loud as hell but dirty as hell.

    two completely difft purpose speakers... and thus an unfair comparison.

    *points to self* <---- could care less about offending ppl.. :)
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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    yeah the momo sounded better..
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